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PT Alun Indah is part of the PT Alun was founded in the 1970s. Headquartered in Jakarta, PT Alun Indah moving in the field of automotive, as distributor some brand commercial vehicle of European origin. Since the beginning of establishment, PT. Alun Indah have been credibly for conducting activities assembling and manufacturing of vehicles commercial delivered by PT. Alun Indah

Apart from assembling and manufacturing activities, PT Alun Indah has experience more than 20 years in providing after-sales service, also provides services in the form of workshops, as well as the procurement of workshop spare parts, that run in integrate. Integrated service was created to answer customer needs on commercial vehicle that increasing rapidly.

Along with its development, by 2011, PT. Alun Indah spreading their wings by becoming one of the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Indonesia. The basic Business development is effected with the familiar Mercedes-Benz as a brand vehicle Commerce No. 1 in the world.

Business development are realized by PT Alun Indah with a dealer's Mercedes-Benz Trucks was strengthened with a network of service points was spreading and will continue to grow to more cities in Indonesia. With an extensive service network, and the number of integrated experience, as well as business development achieved, has proven commitment to PT Alun Indah in giving satisfaction to customers as a form of a contributions PT Alun Indah in a segment of the automotive industry in Indonesia.